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Trimming, Pruning, and Hedging Service in Auckland

Lawn Masters can cut and prune your backyard hedges for you, whether you need them once or regularly. We can do everything from one-time services to monthly shrub care. This includes trimming trees and bushes and caring for border and feature hedges. Lawn Masters' staff and tools have everything you need for safe and effective hedge care! If you trim it regularly, your garden will stay in great shape through the changing seasons. Trust us to keep your bushes in great shape.

For maintenance reasons, hedges should be cut every six to twelve months. However, doing it by yourself could be dangerous and needs special tools. Leaning on steps could be hazardous when using specialised equipment to keep bushes. When you cut your shrub, think about these types of plants.

  • Flowering plants
  • Roses
  • Fruit trees
  • Shrubs
  • Small trees


Tree Pruning and Hedging Specialists


As experts in shrub cutting and lawn moving in Auckland, Lawn Masters can help you. We're proud of the sharp lines we use to make shapes. It's our pleasure to go above and beyond our clients' standards with every service we offer at Lawn Masters! Our company specialises in cutting hedges and offers cheap prices. We have great reviews from past customers to back this up. This gives us a good name and lets us quickly meet the needs of Auckland businesses.

Lawn Masters can help you eliminate all kinds of trees and bushes, but you might need to hire an arborist or tree care expert for more giant trees. We will send our price straight to your officials if it is accepted, and you can trust the Lawn Masters gardening team to eliminate any waste made during the clipping or hedge process. They are fully trained to do this!

For a quote, call our Auckland team right away at 027574747474 or send us a request.

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Have Questions?


Why is it important for my Auckland garden to trim and prune my hedges on a frequent basis?

For a healthy lawn, cutting and cutting trees on a regular basis is very important, especially as the seasons change. It helps plants grow in a healthy way, keeps your bushes and shrubs in great shape, and makes your yard look better overall.

How often should I trim my hedges and shrubs in Auckland?

Hedges typically need trimming every 4-6 months in Auckland to maintain optimal conditions. However, the frequency may vary depending on the type of plants and their growth rate.

What types of plants can Lawn Masters trim and prune in Auckland?

Lawn Masters of Auckland can trim and prune various plants, such as flowering plants, roses, fruit trees, shrubs and small trees. Our expert teams have the knowledge and tools to successfully manage a wide array of plant species.

How can I reach Lawn Masters of Auckland to arrange hedge trimming and tree pruning services?

Call our Auckland team on +64 27 299 4040 or request an online quote for a mandatory inspection. Our experts are on hand to help with your garden hedge trimming, pruning and tree pruning needs.

Are hedge trimming and pruning hazardous tasks, and why should I hire professionals?

Hiring professionals such as Lawn Masters ensures hedge trimming and pruning tasks are completed safely and efficiently, minimizing the hazards associated with DIY pruning.